Obtainment of Consent and Flirting Knowledge in RPGs

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Consent has become the central focus of many sexuality education curriculums, and lacking consent awareness is at the heart of many sexual mistakes, especially for young men and even more so for young men with Autism and/or ADHD. Furthermore, for persons who are nervous about flirting, or who simply don't know how to go about engaging in such fine-tuned social interactions, the idea of flirting can be overwhelming, and many persons either avoid it altogether or accidentally engage in behavior that is more harassing than flirting. The use of RPGs as a method for teaching consent awareness and respect, as well as for learning and practicing the art of flirting, is something that holds great potential. This presentation is geared toward the development of these skills within RPG worlds and how one can facilitate this through methodical game play.

Obtainment of Consent and Flirting Knowledge in RPGs

Learning Objectives

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    Attendees will identify three methods how a practitioner can enhance a client's conceptual understanding of consent and flirting using in-game constructs, such as character relationship measures and unlockable interactions.

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    Attendees will identify three appropriate boundaries for professionals to keep in mind when gaming with clients that allow for the client to experience and interact without it becoming creepy and unethical.



Nicholas A. Maio-Aether, MSPSY, BCBA, LBA

Nicholas A. Maio-Aether, MSPSY, BCBA, LBA is a [Sexual] Behavior Analyst and a Systemic Sex Therapist, working with clients of all backgrounds, sexualities, genders, and relationship dynamics. He utilizes common techniques and less conventional, more modern ones, such as the use of gaming, particularly RPGs, as ways of connecting with clients and bringing the therapy to a place where it is not only helpful, but enjoyable and relatable, applicable and generalizable. Nicholas is the only Behavior Analyst to have completed a 350-hour supervised practicum in Sex Therapy, and is set to certify as a Sex Therapist upon completion of his second licensure program in MFT, expected for completion in August of 2021. At that point, he will be the first BCBA in the world to have obtained the combination of these 3 credentials, and thus has already begun speaking and training at state, national and international levels. Nicholas is currently a contributor for HIV.net and SexEdContinuingEd. He oversees training of BCBAs in sexuality statewide in Missouri, is on the Bylaws Committee for AASECT and owns Empowered: A Center for Sexuality LLC in Saint Louis, where he and his team have served individuals, couples, and families from around the US. Additionally, he is a Type-II CEU provider for BCBAs and utilizes his agency as a training center for aspiring [Sexual] Behavior Analysts. He supervises certified professionals and practicum students in ABA, emphasizing individuality, human rights, and cultural competency.

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