The Agency of Memes

About this Training

The Agency of Memes is a one-hour long course designed to explore the role that memetic content has in providing people with the ability to interact with others online. We will go through the distinctive nature of memetic content and how it allows for engagement with both online communities and offline social groups. It is important to note when nailing down the distinctive nature of memes what is static and dynamic about this medium. The module will focus on the five acts that memes help people perform online and how therapeutic professionals can use that knowledge during clinical sessions.

The Agency of Memes

Learning Objectives

  • #1

    Attendees will list an operational definition of memes.

  • #2

    Attendees will list an operational definition of agency.

  • #3

    Students successfully completing this course will be able to identify the five different types of acts of memes when applying memetic treatments to a therapeutic setting.

  • #4

    Students successfully completing this course will identify four prompts for asking questions about memetic content based on the five acts described in the module.

Play Therapy

Learning Objectives

  • #1

    Participants will be able to define play therapy and identify the 10 seminal theories and historically relevant approaches that guide play therapy practice.

  • #2

    Participants will identify two play therapy interventions that combine characters, themes, and/or narratives present in Geek Culture that harness the therapeutic power of play for supporting the mental health and well-being of children, adolescents, adults, and/or families.

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Shane Tilton

Dr. Shane Tilton is an assistant professor of multimedia journalism at Ohio Northern University. He focuses his teaching on journalistic content, memetic communication, and communication research practices. His research deals with the social psychological impact of games with a specialization in game-based learning and how music in video games affects people. His work attempts to expanding the bridge between ludology and pedagogy in the college classroom. His service to the academy has included work with the Games Studies interest division of both the National Communication Association and International Communication Association. Dr. Tilton was also the chair of the "Two Year/Small College Interest Division" for the Broadcast Education Association and was the former chair of the "Communication and the Future" for the National Communication Association. His work has been internationally recognized.

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  • Understand Your Clients

    Learn how to understand and work with your clients using proven strategies derived from competent practice, knowledge, and culture while knowing what questions to ask them.

  • Learn From A Leader In The Field

    Presented by one of the leading experts in the field of Psychology, this training presents upon the topic using real life examples.

  • Become Knowledgeable In The Culture

    Through understanding the culture and connecting with our clients, we create meaning, relationships, and a place for new thought to birth.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The Agency of Memes

    • Welcome to the The Agency of Memes Workshop

    • The Agency of Memes PPT Handout

    • Geek Culture & Play Therapy

  • 2

    The Agency of Memes Video

    • The Agency of Memes

    • TheTherapeutic Potential of Geek Culture in Play Therapy

  • 3

    The Agency of Memes Learning Objectives Quiz

    • The Agency of Memes Learning Objectives Quiz

  • 4

    The Agency of Memes CE Evaluation

    • The Agency of Memes CE Evaluation

  • 5

    Final Steps

    • Here are the next steps!

Other Information

Access is provided to the course via email after registration and payment is made.

System Requirements: A computer and a stable internet connection.

Target Audience: Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals.

Content Level: Beginner

Course Completion Requirements: Completing all sections of the training of written information, video completion, learning objectives quiz, and course evaluation.  Evaluations are part of the coursework.  The certificate will then be generated immediately after all requirements have been completed.

Date Recorded: 08/03/2021

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Geek Therapeutics is committed to helping each student reach his/her academic potential and to providing every student equal opportunity to participate in and engage with the course.  In keeping with this commitment, effort has been made to develop accessible learning materials that provide equal access.  Please contact Geek Therapeutics immediately if access to course materials is restricted due to a disability so the issue(s) can be resolved in a timely manner.

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