The Agency of Memes

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The Agency of Memes is a one-hour long course designed to explore the role that memetic content has in providing people with the ability to interact with others online. We will go through the distinctive nature of memetic content and how it allows for engagement with both online communities and offline social groups. It is important to note when nailing down the distinctive nature of memes what is static and dynamic about this medium. The module will focus on the five acts that memes help people perform online and how therapeutic professionals can use that knowledge during clinical sessions.

The Agency of Memes

Learning Objectives

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    Attendees will list an operational definition of memes.

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    Attendees will list an operational definition of agency.

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    Students successfully completing this course will be able to identify the five different types of acts of memes when applying memetic treatments to a therapeutic setting.

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    Students successfully completing this course will identify four prompts for asking questions about memetic content based on the five acts described in the module.



Shane Tilton

Dr. Shane Tilton is an assistant professor of multimedia journalism at Ohio Northern University. He focuses his teaching on journalistic content, memetic communication, and communication research practices. His research deals with the social psychological impact of games with a specialization in game-based learning and how music in video games affects people. His work attempts to expanding the bridge between ludology and pedagogy in the college classroom. His service to the academy has included work with the Games Studies interest division of both the National Communication Association and International Communication Association. Dr. Tilton was also the chair of the "Two Year/Small College Interest Division" for the Broadcast Education Association and was the former chair of the "Communication and the Future" for the National Communication Association. His work has been internationally recognized.

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