Anime Therapy: Hope, Belongingness, Resilience and Success

About this Training

This continuing education will present a review of the history and current state of manga and anime as a psychologically impactful medium. Participants will learn about the origins of manga and anime, the dominating presence and allure of Japanese visual culture (in the East and the West), the psychological effects of the narratives and communities built around them (e.g, “fandom” and “fanship”), and the evidence-based therapeutic benefits of anime and manga as a special interest and as a clinical tool (examples included). After attending this CE, participants will understand what makes anime and manga a unique therapeutic tool, how it is effectively utilized, and should be able to consider how Japanese visual culture can be applied within their own practice.

Anime Therapy: Hope, Belongingness, Resilience and Success

Learning Objectives

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    Describe the origins and current state (I.e., prevalence, themes, popular anime genres/titles) of Japanese visual culture.

  • #2

    Explain the phenomenological rise of Japanese visual culture’s global influence, including why it is so alluring to those in the East and the West.

  • #3

    Identify the unique benefits of anime and manga communities, including the specific therapeutic effects of “fandom” and “fanship”.



Ryan Kelly

Dr. Ryan Kelly is an author, psychologist, graphic novelist, and co-founder of Geeks Like Us, an inclusive community based media company that aims to help geeks flourish. Before working in private practice, “Dr. K.” worked in academia at the University of South Carolina, at a neuropsychological practice, and within schools (Title I, ESL) and hospitals in North and South Carolina. He is an award-winning researcher and college instructor, and is co-creator and illustrator of Max Gamer, the first autistic superhero comic book. His research focuses largely on innovative models of mental health (e.g., the “Dual-Factor Model”), youth well-being (e.g., contributing author to the Handbook of Child Well-Being), and developing table-top and video games to improve standard social skill interventions for those on the Autism Spectrum. As an acclaimed pioneer in “geek therapy”, Dr. K. travels monthly to comic and gaming conventions to speak on how to use games (e.g., D&D, Video Games), geek culture, and science to help people, and is often featured in popular news outlets and podcasts (e.g., WNBC, Fox, SyFy, Variety, Huffpost, Psychology Today, etc.). More than anything, he wishes he was a space cowboy. He is active on Twitter @DrRKelly.

Course Curriculum

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    Anime Therapy: Hope, Belongingness, Resilience and Success Video

    • Anime Therapy: Hope, Belongingness, Resilience and Success

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  • Understand Your Clients

    Learn how to understand and work with your clients using proven strategies derived from competent practice, knowledge, and culture while knowing what questions to ask them.

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    Presented by one of the leading experts in the field of Psychology, this training presents upon the topic using real life examples.

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    Through understanding the culture and connecting with our clients, we create meaning, relationships, and a place for new thought to birth.

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