Understanding Parasocial Relationships

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With the introduction of streaming services, social media, and Twitch streams, Parasocial Relationships (PSR) have become an increasingly important topic. Realistic feelings are expressed when a favorite character dies, streamers have expressed discomfort with their viewers when they feel privacy has been violated, and the lines of parasocial and social relationships have been blurring. This seminar’s goal for Geek Therapeutics is to not only define Parasocial Interactions/Relationships, but also to discuss their importance in historical and modern application. Dr. Emory Daniel will discuss the many places PSR resides, current research within the field, dispelling myths and misconceptions about the terms, as well as discussing benefits and issues with PSR/PSI. Moreover, new media will be discussed and how media figures are discussing boundaries with their viewers to make for a healthier environment. Lastly, this seminar will guide people to recognize their own PSR’s in their life, but also how to approach clients about them.

Understanding Parasocial Relationships

Learning Objectives

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    Clinicians will list the definition of Parasocial Interactions/Relationships.

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    Clinicians will assess and identify PSR/PSI in their clients conversations about media figures and set realistic communication goals media figures.



Emory S. Daniel

Dr. Emory S. Daniel Jr. is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Appalachian State University. He focuses in instructing courses in social media, media planning, research methods, and entertainment media. He is also active in communication and behavioral science research. His research specializes in parasocial relationships/interactions, gaming, interactive media, and strategic communication. His research has been published in outlets such as Journal of Interactive Advertising, Communication Research Reports, Journalism Studies, Internet and Higher Education Journal, and Journal of Advertising Education.

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    • Understanding Parasocial Relationships

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