Star Trek 101: Everything You Need to Know from Vulcans to Tribbles!

About this Training

Star Trek, the 1966 science fiction television series, is much beloved by fans worldwide for themes that are quite familiar to most therapists: courageous personal discovery, unpacking moral quandaries, and seeking mutual understanding despite differences. Given the importance of these universal experiences, it is of little surprise that nearly 55 years -- and a multitude of spin-offs, books and games -- later, Star Trek maintains a solid foothold in our collective imagination. This training will introduce clinicians to the tenets of the Star Trek Universe, and important themes that can be applied to therapy.

Star Trek 101: Everything You Need to Know from Vulcans to Tribbles!

Learning Objectives

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    Participants will assess the history of the television series Star Trek, discovering some of its primary elements and characters, as well as its expansion into movies, spin-off series, video games, and books.

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    Participants will identify how Star Trek’s themes of social justice, ethical questioning, and cross-cultural collaboration can be utilized within therapy.



Kaitlyn Myers-Brooks

Kaitlyn Myers-Brooks is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, working as a therapist and executive functioning coach at two private practices (Connection: Counseling & Consultation, Inc. and Paula Kauffman Oberly Counseling, LLC). She also serves at a local non-profit as a neurodiversity consultant, offering trainings to local employers and clinicians to help improve accessibility and support for neurodivergent employees in all aspects of the hiring process. She has previous experience working as a career counselor for clients with mental health diagnoses, where she developed her strengths-based, holistic approach that she brings to counseling, coaching, and consulting, offering a wide variety of trainings to college students, military and veterans, and disability activist groups on the intersections of mental health and professional life.

Enjoy These Further Benefits!

  • Understand Your Clients

    Learn how to understand and work with your clients using proven strategies derived from competent practice, knowledge, and culture while knowing what questions to ask them.

  • Learn From A Leader In The Field

    Presented by one of the leading experts in the field of Psychology, this training presents upon the topic using real life examples.

  • Become Knowledgeable In The Culture

    Through understanding the culture and connecting with our clients, we create meaning, relationships, and a place for new thought to birth.

Course Curriculum

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    Star Trek 101: Everything You Need to Know from Vulcans to Tribbles! Video

    • Star Trek 101: Everything You Need to Know from Vulcans to Tribbles! Video

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