The Gamer Stereotype: Fact or Fiction

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Concern about the potential impact of digital games on its players is as old as video games themselves. Once digital games expanded beyond the university labs where they were first developed, the attention they garnered from researchers and the press began to reflect a fear of this emerging media. Despite video games’ 40+ year history, the world of video games is seen as a treacherous place by many. This training will provide participants with a better understanding of the influence that digital games can have on players to better combat this panic with scientific rigor by providing attendees with a basic understanding of the scope of influence that digital games can have on players. By the end of the training, participants will have the tools to more effectively engage with their clients and the public discourse about video game effects.

The Gamer Stereotype: Fact or Fiction

Learning Objectives

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    Describe three contemporary issues and debates about video game effects.

  • #2

    Explain three benefits relating to media effects in games and use in therapeutic context.

  • #3

    Critique current empirical research for its theoretical and methodological strengths, limitations, and inconsistencies.



Rachel Kowert

Rachel Kowert, Ph.D is the research director of Take This. She has published and spoken on a range of topics relating to the uses and effects of digital games, including its impact on physical, social, and psychological well-being. She has published several books and scientific articles relating to the psychology of games and, more recently, the relationship between games and mental health specifically. Her most recent book, A Parent’s Guide to Video Games, won an INDIES award in the science category. To learn more about Rachel and her work visit

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  • Understand Your Clients

    Learn how to understand and work with your clients using proven strategies derived from competent practice, knowledge, and culture while knowing what questions to ask them.

  • Learn From A Leader In The Field

    Presented by one of the leading experts in the field of Psychology, this training presents upon the topic using real life examples.

  • Become Knowledgeable In The Culture

    Through understanding the culture and connecting with our clients, we create meaning, relationships, and a place for new thought to birth.

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    The Gamer Stereotype: Fact or Fiction Video

    • The Gamer Stereotype: Fact or Fiction

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